Childhood Development : Child And Adolescent Psychology

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Child and Adolescent Psychology
Early Childhood Development
Unit 9 Assignment
Kenneth Peter Smith
December 18, 2014
Professor Linda Smith

So what goes on during Early Childhood - ages 3 to 6. Development is very crucial in every aspect of childhood but why is it important during early childhood? What goes on during this time frame in a child’s life that’s going to dictate every aspect of the child’s life for now and evermore? Is this stage of a child’s development even important to the outcome of the child’s development? Well as you would have guessed the early childhood stage – ages 3 to 6 is very crucial to a child’s healthy development and lifelong learning. How a child develops during this time affects future cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, which influences school readiness and later success in its life (, 2014).

The physical changes or components of development that occur during this time frame for a child between the ages of 3 to 6 are numerous. In the early stage of early childhood around preschool age children are typically walking, running, jumping and climbing. At this age their fine motor skills are developing significantly and they are able to dress themselves, pedal little tricycles as well as be able to color, draw, cut and paste objects to paper to make objects.
Usually by age three they are capable of talking and able to articulate words and small sentences to make sense to…
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