Childhood Development Of Anxiety And Depression

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Annotated Bibliography Hudson, J. (2014, December 1). Parenting skills | Parent-Child Relationships in Early Childhood and Development of Anxiety & Depression | Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development. Retrieved November 16, 2015, from The impact of the parent on the child’s development is enormous mainly because they are close to the child more than anybody else and the fact that children look up to them. In her article, Hudson relates parenting and anxiety disorders by stating that overprotective parenting may lead to these disorders at a later stage of their development. It is true to state that parents have a big role to play concerning their children’s emotional needs hence the state of the relationship between parents and children have a huge bearing on how the children will turn out in later stages of their lives. Hudson states that handling fearful and risky situations is among the principal factors of dealing with anxiety. However, overprotective parents bring out a situation where the children are shielded from fearful moments that would have helped to build their character. This situation strips them of the skills to deal with distressing situations when they are older. According to Erickson’s psychosocial theory, the first stage of growth requires that parents provide support for their kids through an accurate reading of their
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