Childhood Dreams : Why Not?

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Childhood dream: Why not? When you and I were kindergarten children, we wanted to become astronauts to explore the mysterious universe or become princesses to rule a kingdom. As we grow up and are exposed to the reality that does not have unicorns or fairies, we cannot, and we should not live in our childhood dreams. But it does not mean we cannot take the inspiration from those innocent memories and mold it into our lifelong ambitions. Therefore, I believe the person who dares to nurture that spirit is the one who will succeed the most. I want to be that person. Inspired by my dream of becoming a culinary fairy since I was a little girl, my professional goal now is to become a general manager of an Asian restaurant when I enter my…show more content…
Rather than stop at one of over two hundred thousand fast food restaurants after a long working day and order a hamburger which contains unhealthy ingredients, why don’t you gather your family, order a homemade meal and spend time with your love ones? It is easy to imagine a perfect scenario for one’s future, but the road to every beautiful dream is never easy. It requires time and great effort. Managing a restaurant is never an easy task. A successful restaurant manager, in my opinion, needs to have an eye for detail to take care of each customer enjoying a meal at the restaurant. A manager sometimes needs to take the position of a waiter, an accountant and even a chef. This job also requires an understanding of food and customers’ behavior. Having a thorough knowledge about potential customers really helps when I set up the space, decide on portions and adjust the light and music. I also need to practice managing time, because it would be a challenge to balance between different tasks such as organizing marketing activities, planning new menus and analyzing restaurant sales levels. And last but not least, it is true for any other career but it is especially essential for a restaurant manager to have a positive attitude, passion and determination. As I become more determined about my professional career and acknowledge the requirements that I need to fulfill, the process
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