Childhood Education At A Daycare Center

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Early Childhood Education means the opportunity to learn about school education at a daycare center or programs before assisting in the Elementary school. These programs help children to socialize with other children in the same age. At the same time, these programs teach children to learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and early math that help them prepare for school. All children are different and they learn at different levels depending on their families, culture, community, languages, and many factors that affect children. Therefore, children who attend preschool or early programs have more possibilities for success than children who stay at home with parents or caregivers. In accordance with the article, children who attend to early childhood programs and parents who are involved in their children 's activities have more possibilities for success at school than others who do not attend to these programs. According to Taylor, Gibbs, and Slate “disadvantaged children who attended preschool experienced greater subsequent success in early elementary grades than students who did not attend preschool”. In addition, parents working together with teachers reinforce at home children’s education. Therefore, children who parents are interested in their academic results make children feel secure and happy to attend school. Parents intervening at their children’s education help teachers to create children more responsible and interesting to learn more. In addition, it is very
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