Childhood Education : Early Childhood Development Essay

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The career that I have chosen to learn about is Early Childhood Development . The reason why I choose this particular career is because I wanted some insight on what it will be like to work with children in the future. Also while working with childrens, it will help guide me to become a better teacher and as well as a mother to my kids. Therefore, Early Childhood Education gives me a platform to push for my educational changes. Furthermore, I will be spending quality time with a career professional second grade teacher related to the study of Early Childhood Care and Education.

What came across my mind when picking a particular person to interview was how well did I know this person and how strong connected I with them. Also, acknowledging if I am experiencing the right person that I wanted to interview. In addition, the person I choose to interview was Mrs. Xiong, a second grader teacher who is currently teaching at Thomas Elementary School in Fresno. Therefore, Mrs.Xiong is not just a teacher but also a mother of two beautiful kids and one on the way. What made me have choose this person is not because she is related to me but how I preserve her at home while teaching her kids. She 's is my aunt. Her ability of teaching her own kids was surprising. For example, the other day before I went to interview my aunt I went by her house to ask her permission if I can interview her. She had ask me to stay for a bit in the livingroom. There I saw her two kids were playing in…
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