Childhood Education Environment Design Of A Preschool Classroom

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In this paper is focus on the early childhood education environment design of a preschool classroom. The materials that will be in the classroom and the purpose of why the material are chosen. The location of the preschool and the climate, geographic features, landscaping, the environment impact and more. The reason for designing this preschool and the different materials that are used to create this imaginary preschool. And the inspiration of what it takes to create an environment suitable for the preschool.

Environment Design: Preschool Classroom
The design of the preschool is a starting point of how a child views a school classroom. When a child walks in an unknown classroom for the very first time, not knowing what to expect from a room full of unknown things and people. A preschool classroom is the child’s first interaction with what a school is and experience of what a school is supposed to be like.
Early Childhood Education Environment
In an early childhood education environment, the classroom that a child first step into would feel comfortable. The classroom will have glass windows and a glass door so the child is able to look outside. The windows are very important to have in a classroom since looking out through the window, a child is able to observe what is happening outside the classroom. “Many early childhood programs are relegated to …with fewer windows or natural lighting”(Crutis & Carter, p. 39). The classroom should be able to have enough natural light
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