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Childhood fears have always haunted our minds as kids. From the more classical boogie man in the closet, to the more present day Hollywood horror movies. My childhood fear at the time unfortunately was scary movies, heights, and being afraid of the dark. As a young child, mainly around the age of 4 to 7 years old, screams and loud stressful noises wasn’t generally my favorite amusement. I rather settle my small completive mind to action figures and video games than being scared so bad I would piss me pants. Everyday my older sisters would come home from high school, mouths over whelmed with gossip and in a not so gentle mood, would snatch the remote from my hand as if my age held no authority to them. Young and very much helpless, I sat…show more content…
My parents hearing my call came and recovered me from the tree. As an eight year old child, heights were a new experience for me and I am glad that I was able to rise above fear and overcome my phobia. Nine years of age and still using a night light, my mother would tuck me in for bed, as she walks out, I call out her name reminding her to leave the door cracked open. Sleeping in a pitch dark room wasn’t something I enjoyed at all. And what made matters worse, the floors constantly made long irritating sounds that would keep me up all night. In my bed I would lay there staring at the ever long lasting zone of darkness. Earlier that night, my cousin Gregory forced me to watch one of his favorite horror movies. Little did I know he already had devised a plan to scare me that night. The movie ended a little past my bedtime so I went on to bed, a few hours went by and I feel asleep only to be woken by a clown face mask hovering right above my face. Seeing the mask, I immediately froze at the sight of it. My heart still pounding, I paused in suspense until he slowly took the mask off. Realizing that it was just my cousin Greg, I immediately jumped up and chased him around the house. This particular fear gradually faded away as I grew older. This fear allowed me to view things differently and separate what is real from something that is just imaginable. Overall, fear
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