Childhood ( Free Verse Poem )

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Childhood (free verse poem) Childhood, A word that comes to me when i think about Swimming over the crest of waves at the beach, The wind whipping at my hair as i run, The faint smell of vanilla in my mom’s car, My screaming as the roller coaster goes into another loop, Or screaming not coming from my mouth but my baby sisters, Or taking pictures Or taking breaks, listening to music, To going to a concert, And recording it all in my memory, And replaying it all in my head, The thrill that is, Childhood. Spring (sonnet poem) What do i smell when the girl walks by me? The smell of roses blossoming in the spring. The wind blowing at her hair, she was free. She looked everywhere for someone or thing. A fallen angel 's face darkened by sin, She fills her lungs with sweet garden air. The sad and sweet song of a violin. She picks up a flower, frozen and bare. She lifts her hand close to her mouth and blows, The ice melts off turning into water, And in her hand is a beautiful rose. The sun comes out and makes things much hotter. The snow slowly melts, calling a wolfpack, Because the fairy just made spring come back. Run (diction and imagery poem) I try to touch my feet with my shaking hands, Last minute stretches were meant to relieve stress, My anxiety only grows larger as they call my event. Heart pounding, Veins pulsing, Staring at my feet, The same feet that were about to scream out in agony. He calls for us
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