Childhood Immunizations Essay

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Immunizations play a vital role in every parent’s life with the majority of us decide that vaccinating our children is the best option, while others believe it might not be the right choice. The first major concern parents have with immunizations is the health and safety of their child. Thoughtlessly complying with all the recommended vaccines may cause negative effects on our children and brings up the question: is complying with these recommendations the best for our children? When I had my children I was in my early twenties and did not realize that we had a choice on whether our children had to be vaccinated or not. I basically just did whatever the doctor said they needed. Although I might not have known a lot about this before, I still believe that our children should get most of the vaccinations that are suggested however there may be one or two that are not really necessary. As the amount of unimmunized children grows so does the outbreak of diseases. In this paper I will discuss the reasons as to why the outbreaks are growing and why it is…show more content…
Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic who is board certified in three different medical areas. She is a doctor that voices her opinion based on her medical experience that vaccines are not good for us. Dr. Tenpenny’s research shows that nearly 1 every 5,000 children who get vaccinated for chicken pox end up getting shingles 10 years after they are vaccinated. Shingles is very painful rash similar to chicken pox that is usually seen in elderly people and is rarely seen in healthy children before they receive the chicken pox vaccine. There are also other serious side effects such as seizures, pneumonia an anaphylaxis (a serious life threatening allergic reaction). Another example is the Hepatitis B vaccine which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and dyspepsia (a condition persisting in burning stomach pain and vomiting). This is causing children to get x-rays and required to take medicine such as Prilosec to help their
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