Childhood Innocence Is Veiled By Joy And Ignorance

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Karlee Bulla

Literary Studies

30 October, 2017

Dr. Glover
Childhood Innocence Living in an Adult World Childhood innocence is veiled by joy and ignorance while the hardships of adulthood are incoherent to the imagination of children; as seen in the troubling world around kids as one of bliss rather than that of worry as an adult. Children’s views on the “real world” are easily manipulated but the outside sources that are in their everyday lives. These sources come from the environment around them, such as problems that adults suffer relating to stress, relationship struggles, job security, and happiness of their family. The unknown problem that children seem to have masked over them is the importance of reality and how
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The father had paid, the collectors are gone, the lights are back on and the family can be thankful. The emotion range in the house is high as one can image the stress of low income can bring. The joy of the child is felt, as the joy of the members in this house were as well with the stress of deadlines have been met. The good times were coming and the good times are here. The dialect of this poem is another connection to this family and the child, as well as the community they are apart of. Scholar Joyce Johnson writes in her article titled “The Theme of Celebration in Lucille Clifton’s Poetry”, her response to this poem. “The emotion in this instance is jubilation and the sense of celebration associated with the good times that come by way of small triumphs in the community dwellers’ battle to survive” (71). Her quote ties in joy, celebration, and community that all overlap into the importance of this poem. Johnson writes further, “…those who fail to recognize the measure of good times in a culture and community they don 't understand” (72). Those in the community know the struggles it takes to make a living and provide those happy times for their children. The last lines of the poem tie in the final conclusion to Clifton’s thoughts as “oh children think about the good times” (1016) settle the overall understanding that children care for the positivity of a situation.

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