Childhood Is A Complex Concept Of Childhood

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Childhood is a complex concept that has never been clearly defined, nor has it stayed a stagnant concept across all times and cultures. The time period in which a child exists is different depending on the time you are looking at, as are the characteristics which are attributed to children. In the time periods that were studied in this class, which spanned from the early modern period of literature up until the late twentieth century, the idea of childhood and what represented it changed vastly. In some of our early readings, children were defined as helpless and ignorant, with very little logic or ability to rationalize or reason. Towards the ends of our readings, when we were getting into the books that were produced in the twentieth century, childhood is still portrayed as innocent, but also as playful and creative, and full of life, laughter and friendship.
In the 1700s, children were seen as naïve, powerless, needing protection, and very impressionable. In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll attempts to create a child which is idealistically innocent and capable of reason. In his fantasy world of Wonderland, Carroll shows an imaginative and creative child who isn’t afraid of the unusual things she is presented with, but instead embraces them and the differences that they portray as she is different herself. He takes an interesting stance for the time period on portraying mental health problems as something that is able to be coped with and that should be
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