Childhood Is A Significant Time Of A Person 's Life

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Childhood is a very significant time in a person’s life where they are rapidly developing physically, cognitively, emotionally, academically, and socially. This period is usually marked from the age three to age twelve. At this age, it is important for the child to express their independence, make lasting friendships, and start taking on some responsibility. Along with more independence, children are developing and experiencing more physical changes, known as puberty. In order to learn from someone experiencing childhood today, I was able to interview my friend’s little brother, C.J.O.
C.J.O. is eleven years old and entering middle school this fall. Our interview was very casual and relaxed. I went over to their house and we sat in the living room and talked while eating chips and salsa. I have known C.J.O. for six years now and was very excited for the opportunity to ask him some deeper questions about his life and hear his point of view. We spent a total of two hours talking, but I felt like we could have gone on a lot longer. C.J.O. is a great kid with lots of potential and unique experiences to share. My goals while interviewing him included getting a good idea of what it is like to be a male during late childhood, since I will never experience that. Another goal was to ask C.J.O. thought-provoking questions that really challenged him to think outside the box and think about his answers. Lastly, I wanted to compare and contrast several different theories and theorist’s…
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