Childhood Leukemia Speech Outline

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Lauren Greener COMM 101 Class time: 2:30-4:45___
Topic: Leukemia
Specific Purpose: To inform the class about what leukemia is, what the symptoms are, and what the possible treatments are.
I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphomic Leukemia at the age of two
Acute and Lymphomic don’t mean anything, Leukemia means something.
Leukemia: Just a word, to others not a word but a reality.
Before diagnosed parents were scared and didn’t know what was wrong.
Doctor and treatment.
Thesis Statement:
Today I will be talking about three aspects of Leukemia; First what it is and one of the possible causes, Secondly what are the recognizable symptoms and what tests doctors use to identify leukemia in a young child. And what
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Of course, these are not just symptoms of ALL and are more often caused by something other than leukemia. (p. 1)
Transition Statement & Coordinate Point Three:
Now that you know what Leukemia is and what the symptoms are, let’s talk about the final thing that you need to know when speaking about Leukemia. What the treatments are.
Subordinate Point Three:
Kids (2007) says “Chemotherapy is medication which is used as a complementary tool to
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