Childhood Mental Depression

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Up until a few decades ago, you could never think about linking children with mental depression. Children were considered too small or just too immature to be depressed. Children were always happy as they had very few tensions and we, as their parents, would ensure that nothing too stressful intruded into their idyllic lives. They were never ever depressed. Unfortunately, with changing times come changing rules of civilization! We are now in the 21st century, and nowadays, depression among children is common. Doctors have now recognized mental depression in children as a clinical issue that is causing rising concern all over the world. More and more children, are being recognized by doctors or psychiatrists as suffering from mental depression.…show more content…
They often wet their beds at night. A few children may be quiet or withdrawn and this may make it difficult to gauge their feeling or emotions. Elder children or youngsters show different symptoms like disturbed eating habits and sleeplessness. Symptoms like insomnia and restlessness may be present. They fall asleep very late and have trouble getting up. Sleep disorders can also aggravate a person's mood disorders and medical advice becomes necessary. What can cause depression in your child? Emotional issues can cause changes in the child's daily routines. A happy child who loves school but suddenly does not want to attend classes should be monitored closely. Parents should seek the help of the teacher to isolate the reason for the sudden reluctance. When a child is too stressed or depressed, his academics and behavioral attitude in school will change. A sudden death, or suicide attempts in the family can shake a child but it will take the child some time to recover. Most children come to terms with the loss within a month or so anything more should be considered abnormal. What can you do to support your child? Children are not Gods, they are humans. They can be stressed or depressed
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