Childhood Obesity : A Common Health Condition

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Child Obesity Child obesity is today a common health condition in most countries. In the US, it is so prevalent that it has been termed as epidemic since it has negatively affected the society. The challenge is felt in almost all aspects of the life of the children. The results could be unhealthy growth and negative attitude from the members of society (Burniat, Walter 234). Studies of this issue have revealed that there are factors that cause it and some of the risk factors related to obesity. The future of our children depends on the actions to be taken today. I think that particular programs can be started to remedy the situation. The thesis statement starts with a definition of the term obesity and then followed by a detailed…show more content…
Further research is needed to determine the connection between diet and behavior with obesity. Causes Today, most of the children are obese because of the fast food that they get from restaurants. The challenge to most parents is that the children spend most of their pocket money on fast food instead of eating healthy food (Haerens, Margaret 345). In some cases, parents are responsible for not giving their children healthy food because some of them are either too lazy or do not have the time for them. A Child’s total diet and motion level play a significant role in shaping a child’s weight. Also, children whose parents are obese, face a high risk of being obese as well due to shared family behaviors like eating and activity habits. Obesity in children is also caused by learned behavior and habits; early cognitive conditioning by parents on the eating habits of their children may result in obesity. Children are smart at listening to their body stimulations, when they are full, they will stop eating. However, and some parents force them to eat everything that is served, ignoring their fullness. This continuous behavior may result in a habit, leading to obesity in children. The lifestyle and environment that a child is brought up in can have effects on their behavior.The family, friends and community resources in a child’s environment reinforce lifestyle habits regarding diet and
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