Childhood Obesity : A Condition Of Being Grossly Fat And Overweight

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Childhood Obesity. Childhood Obesity is a condition of being grossly fat and overweight. When someone exceeds a certain weight for a given height they are considered obese. Lifestyle issues such as too little activities and too many calories from drinks are main contributors of childhood obesity. People eat for two reasons and those are either comfort eat or appetite eat. A study have shown that kids who go without breakfast before school are more likely than classmates to be inactive, unfit and obese. Girls who skip breakfast are 92% more likely obese than female classmates who eat before school, the equivalent figure in boys was 62%. This was notified as a key reason because the kids who didn 't eat breakfast snacked throughout the day and ate late at night as this became more and more of a daily routine, eating disorders become a factor. Some of the causes of childhood obesity are greater availability of unhealthy foods, little to no daily exercise, No safe place in many communities to play or be active. Plus companies are coming together to make their food be able to be more visualized and make people want to buy their food. Also it becomes harder to jump, hop, or even stand on one leg and they will become clumsier. More effects of being obese are Blount’s Disease, Flat Feet, Diabetes, and Asthma. Blount’s Disease is where a growth disorder in the lower leg cause it to go inward, Flat Feet is where one’s feet has no arch which makes it painful to walk long distance,

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