Childhood Obesity : A Epidemic Of Today 's Youth

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Childhood Obesity Have you ever been told to clean your plate because there are starving kids in Africa? This is a phrase you probably heard from your mother during childhood. With the difference ,in portion control, on the go meals, and lack of exercise in today,s youth, this question can cause a child to be a statistic of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is one of the United States most leading medical epidemic of today’s youth. According to the Center for Disease Control, seventeen percent of children or about twelve and a half million adolescents between the ages of two and nineteen years, suffer from this disease. (www.huffington There are many factors as to what contributes to these extremely high statistical numbers. One factor is peer pressure. Peer pressure comes in all shapes and forms and is used in all kinds of different situations. When most people think of peer pressure they think of drugs and alcohol, or something that promotes bad behavior. This isn’t always the case, peer pressure can also be about food. For example, celebrations of any kind seems to revolve around food. A birthday party involves cake and ice cream, a Christmas party is full of candy and sweet treats, and Thanksgiving, seems to be all about food. During these celebrations if one does not partake in these delicious treats they are considered rude, even antisocial. People say things like, “Its okay we are celebrating, it wont hurt you ”or “just one bite
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