Childhood Obesity: A Growing Epidemic More and more children are suffering from the chronic

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Childhood Obesity: A Growing Epidemic More and more children are suffering from the chronic condition of obesity (Serrano). Children become overweight when they consume more calories than they burn while partaking in physical activity (“A Growing Problem”). Of the six most vulnerable times in life for the development of obesity, five affect children and teens (Berg 34). Educating the people of America about acknowledging the presence of a weight problem, the history of this problem, and the physical and emotional effects of childhood obesity could potentially minimize this issue and improve children’s lives. The first step in minimizing this issue is acknowledging the presence of a weight problem. When physicians diagnose a child, there…show more content…
In 1970, Americans spent $6 billion dollars on fast food. Today, Americans are spending $142 billion dollars per year (“The History of Obesity in Children”). In addition to consuming more fast food, children are also consuming less healthy food items. Milk consumption has decreased significantly over the past few decades, while soft drink consumption has dramatically increased (Okie 84). Parents and children need to know the risks there are when choosing a soft drink over milk. Being an overweight adolescent comes with several health risks such as increased blood pressure, increased total cholesterol, and lipid abnormalities. As a child grows with excess weight, they experience joint problems and back pain. Obstructive sleep apnea is also a side effect that shows up in overweight children. According to health clinics, type two diabetes has been rising steadily in children. Children with weight problems are more likely to go through early puberty because the excess fat makes the body produce more hormones, such as estrogen, in young girls. Early puberty may seem harmless but it is related to the cause of certain cancers later in life (Berg 13-17). If you are an overweight child, severity of obesity in adulthood is likely to increase (“Basics About Childhood Obesity”). Because of the increased number of obese adults, health risks associated with obesity are also on the rise (Berg 18). Although you need to be aware of health risks, over exaggeration can
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