Childhood Obesity : A Growing Problem

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Childhood Obesity: A Growing Problem in the United States “Our children are our future” is a popular sentiment held by the vast majority of Americans. Children are seen as individuals who must be treasured and nurtured to bring out their true potential. By bringing out this potential, we as a society can do our part for the promotion of the greater good. However, this saying frequently rings hollow, as seen in the inappropriate care provided to America’s children. One of the most obvious examples of this gross neglect in care is exemplified in the alarming levels of child obesity seen across the United States. The research will look to examine the environmental factors that have influenced the rise of child obesity, such as the trends seen in family life, educational standards seen nationwide, and the lack of nutritional value in commercial food consumption. Further, the research will bring to light many of the devastating risks that unfortunately come from child obesity, and how this condition has only become worse in recent decades. The research will culminate in identifying what preventive measures can be enacted to diminish the prevalence of child obesity across the United States. Before child obesity is examined on an analytical level, it is essential to have a firm understanding of what it is on a fundamental level, to define what it is and is not. To begin, being obese is not the same as being overweight. Overweight in this instance is defined as “having excess body
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