Childhood Obesity: A Growing Problem

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Childhood obesity is a growing problem that needs to be resolved. Many people may say it is the Child’s fault, he is weak willed. This is just a common misconception; there are hundreds of different reasons for childhood obesity. I will just be scratching the surface of this paper. By the same token childhood obesity is a growing problem that needs to be resolved. We can achieve this by understanding some common misconceptions, understanding health problems, and understanding fitness. Therefore who is to blame for childhood obesity? The fact is, no one is to blame for childhood obesity, there are many reasons children become obese. Children usually gain weight throughout childhood, it is necessary. Often parents say, “we are not worried about our child’s weight everyone in our family is big, and we have always been like this.” In truth you need to keep your eyes on body mass index charts (common misconceptions page 2). Working with your child’s pediatrician and using plans based on credible evidence offer the best chance for long term weight loss. But some parents try to explain to their pediatricians their child will “Out grow” this weight problem (Health problems page.2).This is not always necessarily true. Based on this theory families are giving their children more food. This could not be less helpful. You need to rely on growth charts and your doctor’s advice. “Growing out of obesity” is not something you cannot count on. In fact, depending on your child’s eating
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