Childhood Obesity : A Growing Problem

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Why is childhood obesity on the rise in America? Student name Instructor name Course name Date Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States. More and more young people are living with video games, televisions, and computers so are living their lives in a mostly sitting position. Few children are able to spend the hours between school and dark playing outside as they used to do and even less would choose to. Most children are trapped within the walls of their homes while their parents are away at work. This has caused many of them to gain unwanted weight, creating a significant barrier to their health and well-being. For clarification, an obese person is defined as someone who has more body fat than is considered healthy for their age, gender, age, and height. Although people usually think of obesity as an adult problem, it’s actually a much bigger problem for children. While it might be possible to hide other conditions such as psoriasis under clothing, obesity is very difficult to hide and usually leads to children being teased or becoming the victims of bullies from misunderstanding classmates. In addition, the adults around them may also have uninformed stereotypical expectations about them simply because of their size. Even unconscious reactions of others, such as seeing pity or judgment in their eyes, can contribute to severe psychological damage for these children that can last a lifetime. Adults who have overcome childhood obesity often
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