Childhood Obesity : A Huge Problem

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Childhood obesity is a huge problem not in just America, but all over the world. The risk factors come from all different environments such as demographic, socio-structural, and environmental. What you eat and lack of exercise performed daily are the most familiar causes of obesity but other factors play a very big role in the cause of this disease. Education plays a huge role in preventing this disease and there are many settings that you can be educated in such as the school system, hospitals or doctors’ offices, home and even work. Occupational therapists can also play a role in educate on how certain occupations can prevent obesity.
Childhood obesity is affected by many different factors. Stated by Zong, “contributing factors to the increases in obesity include a decline in positive health behaviors, such as making healthy dietary choices, engaging in physical activity, and limiting sedentary behaviors”. It is hard for children in pre-school, ages around three to seven, to make decisions on their own. They follow by example, by what is given to them, or by what they are told. The main environments that they are in most of their time are at school and home so these settings are what effects their life styles. The preventative medicine approach is “the application of Western medicine and social science to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote health in the community through intercepting disease process” (Scaffa, Reitz, & Pizzi, 2010, p.116). It is aimed towards
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