Childhood Obesity: A National Epidemic

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The Issue
Obesity is an epidemic that affects millions of People around the world and it continues to rise. A particular concern is the rise in childhood obesity throughout the United States and it has become a national epidemic. Obesity is a threat to the health of many children as it has doubled in children and has quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. According to survey on childhood obesity, 2014, “an estimated 80% of obese adolescents continue to be obese into adulthood, so the implication of childhood obesity on the nation’s health are very huge”.
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Obesity in children can be caused by many broad factors depending on the individual child. Research has shown the influence of genetics, as well as unhealthy home environments, in the development of childhood obesity. External factors such as the educational system and the food industry, promoting unhealthy eating, may also contribute to this problem. Physical inactivity in children is also a contributing factor. Therefore, it is…show more content…
Children spend most of their time with their parents or in school, so parents and the schools are better placed to guide the eating habits and the physical activities of these children. Parent should definitely enforce the habit of ensuring that their children do not watch television, play video games or work on the computer for a prolonged period of time. They should however, create daily routine for their children to engage in physical activities such as playing soccer, taking a walk, riding bicycle and so on. Parents need to be educated on which foods provide a more nutritious option and devoid of unhealthy ingredients for their children. They will then be able to make the right decisions of providing healthier meals to the children. For example, providing a whole grain cereal instead of a more refine cereal will provide healthy benefit to a child. Also, if the schools provide an opportunity for the children to engage in sufficient physical activities, it will go a long way to reduce childhood obesity. Also by ensuring that unhealthy foods are not allowed in schools, it will take away the opportunity for the children to eat unhealthy diet while in school. Very importantly, schools must ensure that only healthy diets are served to students. Teachers can also encourage parents to pack
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