Childhood Obesity : A Public Health Crisis

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Introduction Childhood obesity is a public health crisis in Canada. Research shows that childhood obesity is related to morbidity and mortality in adulthood (Tremblay, 2010). According to one study about 31% of Canadian youth between the ages of 2-17 years are obese and overweight, which put them on a greater risk for developing chronic conditions in their early adulthood years (Vine & Elliot, 2014). Children spend most of their time during the day in the schools, hence, it is very important that schools needs to implement interventions related to healthy diet and meals. Furthermore, eating patterns in childhood determines the eating habits in adulthood, so implementation of healthy eating policies in secondary schools is very essential as…show more content…
For example, nutritious standard PPM 150 was implemented in 2011 in Ontario. According to this policy, the food and beverages sold on school premises must meet the specific nutritional requirements (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2017). The standards is applicable to school cafeterias and vending machines. Furthermore, it limits the bake sales in schools as well, only 10 bake sales per year is allowed (Vine & Elliot, 2014). Physical inactivity is another area of concern as it is associated with chronic diseases and obesity. One study shows that about 50% of Canadian youth is not physically active enough and about 90% do not achieve minimum 90 minutes of physical activity per day (Lagarde & LeBlanc, 2010). Sedentary life styles, availability of electronic gadgets and lack of motivation are some of the factors that contributes towards physical inactivity among children. Health promotion and Advocacy for Heathy Eating The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion defines, “Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health" (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2014). Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice defines the scope of community nursing and establish criteria for safe, ethical care and acceptable nursing practice (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2011). Furthermore, standards also promotes the community health nursing as a specialty and support ongoing development of
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