Childhood Obesity : A Serious Health Problem

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Childhood obesity is a serious health problem that is associated with future diseases. Early mortality is also a result of childhood obesity. An obese child is more likely to develop chronic diseases in adulthood (Hood,& Emie, 2005).Having obesity can increase the likelihood of Type 2 diabetes, kidney diseases, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, liver diseases, orthopedics problems, and cancer (Sahoo, Sahoo, Choudhury, Sufi, Kumar & Bhadoria, 2015)(Yim & Yoo,2014)(Xu &Xue,2015). CKD or chronic kidney disease is a result of obesity which may lead to the increase in the rates of cardiovascular disease, premature death, and end stage renal disease (Yim,& Yoo,2014). There is also a clear connection between obesity and cardiometabolic dysfunction. Obesity may bring vascular changes which indicate early atherosclerosis, ventricular stiffness and hypertrophy (McCrindle,2014). Among Canadians, CVD (cardiovascular disease) is the leading cause of death (Brigder,2009). Dyslipidemia, hypertension, and insulin resistance are all examples of complications of cardiovascular dysfunction in obese children(Mcrindle,2014). The correlation between Type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity have been shown in many studies. There was a…
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