Childhood Obesity : A Serious Problem

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Obesity does not exist among older people only. It can be seen among children and young adults. Childhood obesity is in fact “a medical condition that affects children and teenagers” (What is Childhood Obesity). Childhood obesity is a very serious problem that every single person throughout the world should know about and also aware of. However, some people might wonder and ask “what does overweight has to do with Childhood obesity?” According to the Childhood obesity foundation, it says that “if a child or adult stores too much fat, they can be classified as obese and a sign of childhood obesity is a weight well above the average for a child’s height and age” (What is Childhood Obesity). It might be easier for some people to determine if a child is obese or not, but there are still other people who are having a hard time telling if their children are obese or not. Thus, this kind of situation may lead to the increase of childhood obesity. However, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is a useful way to calculate and know whether you are overweight, underweight or obese. As shown below, the chart will help you determine where your child is at in terms of Body Mass Index, and how to calculate it is to take his/her weight(kg) and divided by his/her height (m)^2. After calculating the BMI for your child, you then look at the BMI chart and find out where your child is at.

BMI= wt (kg)/ht (m)2

Why should we care about…
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