Childhood Obesity : A Worldwide Epidemic

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Topic Area Childhood Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that causes serious health problems among children and teens, regardless of their race, age, or economic status. Obesity is a condition where an individual may be over weight or have excess body fat. Some of the risks and complications of obesity include; high blood pressure, diabetics, breathing problems, and sleep apnea, and an increase risk of heart disease. Statement of Significance The purpose of this study is to discuss the issues associated with childhood obesity, risks factors, and parent’s involvement. Childhood obesity is a complex issue and some of the most reported causes of obesity include; genetics, biological, and cultural behavioral. In a parent only treatment (PO) analysis, one will examine whether or not the treatment was inferior to a parent + child treatment for childhood obesity. Research Questions There are many factors that contribute to childhood obesity; however, this study will examine the parent only (PO) treatment analysis and the cause and risks factors associated with obesity. Given the purpose of the study, and to help one understand the issues associated with childhood obesity, one has included two research questions as they relates to the given topic. 1. What is Childhood Obesity? 2. What Role Does Parents Play in Treating Childhood Obesity in a Hispanic community. Hypothesis Although it is important that parents maintain a consistency for influencing their children eating habit, and

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