Childhood Obesity And Its Effect On Children

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As every aspect of society is on the incline, childhood obesity is one of the most important issue. Often times, parents are willing to do anything for their child with the idea that it is “healthy.” When they figure out that not everything is healthy, some even take efforts to sue the company. Parents do not realize the underlying factors that cause this type of obesity. Childhood obesity can be a result of many factors in this upcoming society. Many consider genetics and hormonal development as a proof for childhood obesity. However, that is not always the case. Childhood obesity is mostly seen as a result of the inactivity of children, the intake of food influenced by parents, and the environment they are brought up in. The term of…show more content…
It is being addressed as a chronic disease which will develop and affect other parts of the body as time progresses. Obesity, especially adolescent obesity has various causes ranging from genetic to behavioral issues (Rippe, et al.). Obesity is assessed with the use of the body mass index or BMI. The purpose of the body mass index is essential in determining how much the body fat can affect one’s health. The BMI helps define a person as normal weight, overweight or obese. In addition, it also provides an understanding of how much of a risk a person is in terms of their weight, if they are obese. Obesity possess a lot of risk factors, especially if it is brought on during the adolescent stage. A child’s body mass index is very important because the BMI shows how children are not able to grow with their weight. Being obese as a child also increases the likelihood of being obese as an adult. This is hazardous to health as one ages. There can be potential cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes, etc., (Kelsey, et al). As the risk factors of childhood obesity develop by day, the efforts to cure and prevent this disease are rising as well. According to Tomlin, nutritionists recommend children and parents to follow a healthy lifestyle, which include timely meals, proper exercise and the right food choices (Weight Control for a Young America: Prevention and Solutions for Childhood Obesity/
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