Childhood Obesity And Its Effects

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Childhood Obesity has quadrupled in the last thirty years, and the number of children with obesity related diseases and health conditions reflect that. More and more Kids are developing what would be considered adult health conditions like osteoporosis, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, and cardio vascular diseases, which usually only affect people later in life. Kids are not only developing adult diseases, they are physically becoming adults. If you were to compare a obese 10 year old DNA to their adult parents or grandparents you could not tell which sample came from whom, their cells show inflammatory and oxidative damage that is usually the result of a much longer, often indulgent life. Their very DNA is aging Dr. James Kirkland; director of the Kogod Center on Aging at the Mayo Clinic says “It’s looking more and more like obesity does some things that might just be tied to the fundamental aging processes,” says. Worse, Kirkland says, that like cancer, the damage fat cells do to surrounding cells seems to be contagious, with other, otherwise unaffected cells aging along with the damaged ones (Park). It is estimated that the difference between being obese and being of "healthy" weight is 8.8 years of extra aging per year, though this can vary based on genes and medical history. This premature aging is causing major problems for doctors. Millions of middle schoolers are prescribed medications that drug developers never intended for anyone under 40. Doctors have to face
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