Childhood Obesity And Its Effects Essay

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Childhood obesity is at an all-time high in the United States and should be a major concern for the nation. With childhood obesity steadily rising, it is imperative that actions be implemented to offset this trend. Childhood obesity places children at a significantly higher risk for a multitude of physical and psychological health concerns. It is important to understand the actions that have been set in motion that attempt to resolve this issue. Additionally, it should be determined if these actions are adequate or if further action need to be proposed. Childhood obesity is a widespread concern that is very manageable, reversible, and absolutely avoidable if the correct steps are put in place. Adequate teaching and sufficient knowledge by parents and health care providers alike can attribute immeasurable results in the defense against obesity in children. “Poor dietary habits and insufficient physical activity are among the most important modifiable lifestyle factors causing a substantial chronic disease burden worldwide including obesity” (Nyberg et al., 2015). As a result of the health implications that follow childhood obesity, the total healthcare costs are negatively impacted. It is costing more for healthcare payers, including insurances, to cover the costs of the illnesses related to childhood obesity. The proper guidance to execute healthier decisions in food choices at fast food restaurants and engaging in more physical activity will help to manage these costs
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