Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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Childhood obesity is prevailing in children all around the world. Obesity is becoming more prevalent in developed countries, due to the various factors in the society or the environments children live in. Recently, various studies have shown obesity rates have increased in Chinese communities throughout the years. According to an article by Zong and Li for the WHO (World Health Organization), China has gone through an economic reform in efforts to create a free-market system. These socioeconomic changes created a gap in Chinese families’ incomes. Urbanization caused the income disparity, impacting children’s nutrition and lifestyle. The aftereffect lead to the price reduction of obesogenic foods, meaning foods that tend to cause obesity (He et al., 2014). While Chinese families transitioned to more westernized ideals, the diversity of western nutrition became a part of their lives as well (He et al., 2014). All of these factors came into play when evaluating the elements leading to a severe obesity increase in this region. The objective of this statement is to evaluate the problem and complications obesity imposes in Chinese children’s lives.

The magnitude of the problem is often seen in a small scale in this country. A lot of the Chinese population seems to have different views on what defines a healthy lifestyle (He et al., 2014). The reason for this ideation could be since there was an underweight issue in Chinese children a few years back. Urbanization lead the country…
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