Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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The United States, the busiest country on over the world, is being threatened by the obesity, especially children. Compare with the past 30 years, in 2012, the number of children are obese increases doubled (Childhood Obesity Facts). The major elements that lead to the childhood obesity not only come from the invisible factor are family’s gene, but also the environment grow them up as school and the influence of technology in the modern society. But if the parent and school have a positive behavior on children’s eating habit, and also control the time using the technology of children, they can contribute to preventing this situation. First of all, gene affects to any aspects of human, development, physiology, so no except with the obesity (Genes Are Not). Genetics also may decide body type, or how fat is stored and burned. According to one research, if mother or father is obese, 50 percent their children in future will be obese, and if both mother and father are obese, 80 percent children are obese (Currie-McGhee 20). The invisible factor such as a gene from family can lead to the obesity in children, so the parent needs to improve their own eating habit, also encourage their children to get a positive eating behavior. “Children typically are not born obese. They learn to become obese in an environment that encourages it. If parents are eating poorly, that’s what they’re providing their children” said by Debra Haire-Joshu (Villepigue 12). Even obese genes impact on the
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