Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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Ending Childhood Obesity Juanita was born at an average weight of six pounds, but now at 10-months-old she weights a whopping 44 pounds. Juanita has gained over seven times her original weight and is at the weight of an average five year old. Doctors say by age two or three Juanita could develop type two diabetes (She Was Just Ten Months). Unfortunately, this is not a rare for many children all over the world; many children suffer from the exact same situation Juanita has been put into. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic that must be of upmost importance to every adult figure in a child’s life. Childhood obesity starts in the home and must be prevented by teaching children to make healthy choices at a young age, assuming more active…show more content…
Parents are the first influence to impact a child’s life and their eating habits. Parents who surround their children with foods like broccoli and apples at a young age will continue to enjoy the same healthy food into their adult years. The impact a parent can make is long lasting but should be done in a way to make the child feel as though it is their own choice. “Children may be allowed to choose what they eat, but adults should ensure that every option available to them is a healthy one.” (Fong). This system will allow parents to be happy with what their child is eating while the child gets a sense of independence in their eating habits. Not only can parents influence children to make healthy eating habits, but they can also help their child to become all around healthy people. In this modern age of technology, less and less kids are willing to go play outside. Many children would rather sit inside watching television or playing video games. Before technology became a norm the only option was for kid to run around outside. “Children who spend at least one hour daily watching the tube (television) are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who watch less TV” (Childhood Obesity Statistics). This recent study has shown that even an hour of watching TV can put a child at risk of becoming overweight. This is because it is forming a habit for the child as he or she grows they will become
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