Childhood Obesity: Annotated Bibliography

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The journal provided information about the methods on how the study sample was selected from the households in the Houston metropolitan area enrolled in two local health maintenance organization. The journal provide context, a research on how major depression was assessed using DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. The problem was that younger youths and female were more likely to be depressed. The study sample provided a body image is measured with an item that assessed perceived weight and inquires whether youths perceive themselves as: skin to somewhat overweight. Youths who rate themselves as somewhat or overweight are scored as having poor body image, in this case perceived overweight, Robert R. (2015). BMI is defined as weight in kg/squared heigh…show more content…
The journal provided information and results about the evidence that gender modified the associations between major depression, and body image. The organization is logical which could lead to do more research, more protective studies are needed which examine the association between clinical depression, body image, and obesity. Genetic influence on obesity takes several paths. Some people are born with errors in metabolism that produce obesity. Other are born with multi genetic traits that predispose them to becoming obese. A common way that may lead to childhood obesity from the journal is where predisposing genetic trait is expressed when the rich environment trigger exist. This is a primary source than a secondary source. Further research is inspired but he author’s work because there was not a lot to mention about depression correlating to obesity. However body image have been involved. The journal provided two possible for a link between depression and obesity. The first one is that a depress person may develop obesity over time, depending on the way they live. The other is that obesity which can be a further studies, by the negative effects on self image resulting in development of depression over time. There was no mention about the examination directly the role of weight-related stigma such as measures of weight-related prejudice, and teasing/victimization. There are many citation to the authors reference list. The journal provided a references to support the evidence of Obesity and depression. Even though there are references to support the authors
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