Childhood Obesity : Children Can Not Combat Obesity

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Childhood Obesity Jesus Dorado DeVry University Prewriting My narrowed topic is that parents need to play a bigger role in helping reduce childhood obesity. Children cannot combat obesity by themselves. My primary audience consists of parents of children (ages 7-12). This is my primary audience because parents of young children should be aware of the potential dangers of childhood obesity. If parents do not teach their children how to make healthy decisions, their children will be affected physically, mentally, and emotionally. My thesis statement is “because childhood obesity affects children physically, mentally, and emotionally parents need to play a bigger role in helping their children make healthier decisions by…show more content…
I will end the introduction with a thesis. I will develop the body by stating the topic of each paragraph and then using evidence to support my claims. I will develop the conclusion by restating my points and talking about why this topic is important. Childhood Obesity The toughest times in my life were when I was in elementary school. I felt like I did not fit in with most of my peers. Whenever we participated in team sports during gym, I was usually one of the last kids picked. This negatively impacted my self-esteem. However, I never put much thought into why I was usually one of the last kids picked. I believed this was the case because my peers did not like me due to my character as a person. Although, I soon discovered that my character had nothing to do with why I was usually one of the last kids picked. I noticed that I was one of the last kids picked because of my size. In elementary school, I was bigger and heavier than most of my peers. I only remember a few students in elementary school that were bigger and heavier than me. I also remember being bullied because of my size. One time a girl approached me during recess and told me that she did not like me because I was fat. I am not the first or last person who has been bullied due to being overweight or obese. “Out of every three kids one is classified as overweight or obese.” (Kids Health). Everyday children and parents are affected by childhood
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