Childhood Obesity Crtical Literature Review Dissertation

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Issues around IVF This assignment with focus on IVF and will than define the term IVF. It will follow on looking at issues around IVF. It will also briefly touch catholic debates on IVF and the feminist view on IVF. Furthermore it will define utilitarianism and link it to IVF. Thus it will look at Kant’s theory and how that relates to IVF. There are some women who can’t get pregnant and have to go through In vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to have a baby. IVF involves an egg cell that being removed from the women’s ovaries which is then fertilised with a sperm. In order to see whether the embryo is develops a record is kept once it is place in the women’s womb. However as it’s not something guaranteed a 100 per cent and it…show more content…
Moving on the feminist who see IVF as a social construction and not a technology fully in favor of women. Once more, the feminist approach considers women who choose reproductive technologies such as IVF aren’t controlling it only using as a technology. Therefore the thought of IVF makes women seem as victims and need to repair a part of themselves. In this case the feminist understand IVF as a male attempt of trying to control the female and her fertility. “You’re body’s letting you down” (E. Denney, 1994: P-71). The feminist seem to believe that the “reproductive technology is a product of the male reality. The values expressed in the technology objection, domination—are typical of male culture. The technology is male generated and buttresses male power over women” (J.Herring, 2008: P-323). Making the reproductive technology a male choice enforced on a woman. On the other hand the feminist also see hope in challenging traditional views of family, for example single women and lesbian having a child. In addition, the feminist accept the natural ways of conceiving a child through relationships between the male and female. Then again in today’s society the feminist do not support the idea off ‘childlessness’ as this is thought of an unattractive choice to most people (J.Herring, 2008). On the other hand utilitarianism which is defined as “A passing remark is all that needs be given to the ignorant blunder of supposing that

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