Childhood Obesity Has Been A Popular Topic Of Conversation

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Childhood obesity has been a popular topic of conversation in the United States for the last decade. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about 12.7 million children and adolescents are considered obese, representing approximately 17% of the total childhood population. Sadly in a small community in upstate South Carolina (SC), this statistic is well demonstrated. Defined Community The objective of this exercise is to affect change within the bounds of a chosen sub-segment of the larger community. An area approximating 25 square blocks bounded by East Butler Road and Woodruff Road was selected for this purpose. This is a well maintained middle class area containing stick-built single and multifamily dwellings. The median household income was $ 57,000 in 2013( com., n.d.). The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS, n.d.) states that the unemployment rate was 5.1 as of September 2015. A middle and high school, both well maintained, were noted. Businesses include: one large retailer, multiple small retail shops, office space, a pharmacy, several churches, numerous doctor’s offices, one urgent care center, one nursing home, and a community center. The crime index for Mauldin is 148.2 as compared to the national average of 311.5 (, n.d.). Sidewalks are commonplace and individuals can be observed participating in walking, biking, and general outdoor activity. Community Nursing Diagnosis

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