Childhood Obesity : Health Issues And Prevention

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Childhood Obesity: Health Issues and Prevention Introduction Obesity as an epidemic has become increasingly troublesome as it has tripled its rate in the current generation of children and adolescents (CDC, 2015). It has been linked to various health related problems that decrease the quality of life and a serious threat to the longevity of the young generation (MDCH, 2009). Obese children can suffer with debilitating, if not fatal diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, not to mention its psychosocial implications. This paper will discuss various health related issues, health promotion activities, community services, and environmental factors pertaining to the obese children population. Though childhood obesity brings such a grim picture of the future, numerous programs and initiatives are now within reach in many communities across the United States. Public health nurses, community health nurses, parents, teachers, and the rest of the members of every community in the nation are in the forefront in pursuing health promotion, prevention and wellness for the sake of all the children in our society, including the vulnerable obese children. Health Related Issues of Obese Children Obesity is a predictor of long-term negative health conditions and chronic diseases in children. The Body Mass Index changes correlate to the increasing co-morbidities in childhood leading through adulthood if not prevented or corrected (Shankaran et al, 2011). Obesity in children is linked to
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