Childhood Obesity : How It Can Affect Our Children 's Mental Health And Images Of Themselves Essay

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Childhood Obesity: How it can Affect our Children’s Mental Health and Images of Themselves Childhood obesity has been a common issue in our current times. Many children and adults suffer from obesity and have serious health issues that come along with the disorder. Childhood obesity has been such an issue for so long that even the first lady Michelle Obama has changed the school lunch programs to try and feed our kids healthier foods. This has been an ongoing issue for decades it seems. There are many things that contribute to childhood obesity and there are many issues that can arise from it and cause even more problems. From the current technology to the fast food restaurants, it all seems to be a problem with this issue. With fast food restaurants serving Big Macs and large fries with every order it has become increasingly a fast food society. Kids are spending more time indoors and playing video games versus going outside to play and get exercise. They want to talk on their smart phones and use applications like SnapChat instead of exercising and staying healthy. New technology could be blamed for our kids becoming obese. Lack of parenting could also be considered an issue. Teenagers are having babies at early ages and it seems like we are having kids birthing kids with no experience to how to raise a child. Some kids are hard headed and lazy too and do not want to participate in most anything and that has become a huge issue. According, to the article Diet and Obesity
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