Childhood Obesity Is A Big Concern

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Childhood obesity is a big concern that we face in every day in the United States. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, one in three American kids is either overweight or obese. To put that in perspective, it has been tripled from 1971 to 2011. Also, it is now the number one concern among their parents surpassing both drug abuse and smoking. There needs to be a better way to reduce this number. Seeing how this number tripled in only forty years makes the question of how is this possible? Is it because their parents are overweight or obese, so the children just follow in their footsteps? Or is it possible the parents are the ones who are solely responsible because of the lack of home-cooked meals? Whatever the case is,…show more content…
Middle-aged children from six to eleven were mind blowing to witness. In fact, nearly an average of seventeen and a half children were obese between the years 2011 to 2014. As if it did not get any worse, it does get much worse. Nearly nine percent of all youth (ages two to nineteen) were preschool children that were obese. Based upon a trend of survey years conducted by the CDC, the youth has continue to increase for each year. According to the NHANES, approximately seventeen out of one hundred kids ages six to eleven were overweight for both male and female. Lastly, the last specific group that will be addressed is the different ethnicity groups. These group will cover from Non-Hispanic whites all the way to Hispanics. The least popular ethnicity group for the young was the Non-Hispanic Asian group. In fact, less than nine percent for both male and female were part of this category. The second least obese youth group was Non-Hispanic whites with less than fifteen percent between males and females. Finally, the most obese ethnicity group was not Non-Hispanic Blacks, but rather it was Hispanics. A mind boggling, at least one in five youth Hispanics were obese. That is nearly three times the amount of Non-Hispanic Asians for both males and females. Only 5.3% of all females were Non-Hispanic Asian-that is more four times less the amount of obese Hispanic in females, just wow! After looking at that those different statistics, there needs to
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