Childhood Obesity Is A Medical Condition

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Childhood obesity is a medical condition that is found in children, teenagers and middle aged people. Everyone has a unique body shape and structure that is engineered right for them but sometimes the body will store more body fat than required. If an individual stores more fat than an average person is supposed to, then they can be categorized as obese. Childhood obesity can be identified seeing if the weight of a child is well above that of an average for a child 's height and age. For an overweight child, it is very essential that you let him or her to know that you will be understanding. Children 's thoughts about themselves mostly depend on their parents ' feelings about them, and if you talk to him about his thoughts and problems, it might be easier for them to work on cutting down weight either by controlling food intake or by increasing and improving effective physical exercises. Most of obesity problems in childhood are caused due to children eating too much and not doing enough physical workouts. Weight gain happens when the energy intake is more than energy the energy that has been burned off by exercising. Children at risk of becoming overweight or obese include children who: consume food and drinks that are high in sugar, fat, calories or even carbohydrates on a daily basis such as fast food, candy, baked goods, and pop and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Those children who are not physically active each day, such as those who watch a lot of TV
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