Childhood Obesity Essays

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As a 200- pound third grader from Ohio has been taken away from his mother and placed into a foster care for being severely obese. Did the state go too far? Social workers worked for years with the boy’s mother to get control of her son’s weight but she did nothing. County spokeswomen said “medical neglect” for the reason her eight year old son was removed from his Cleveland home (Jaslow). Childhood obesity has more than triple in the past thirty years (USA, CDC). Because Childhood obesity continuous increase at an alarming rate in America, Pediatric Nurses must work with mainstream society to promote healthy eating, help implement a free class for parent’s to teach their kids on healthier lifestyles, and increase physical activity. …show more content…
Most times children are not in control of the meals parents provide, so it is up to the parent to make healthy eating choices when choosing meals. Parents are the ones that supply the food to their kids and if they don’t know what’s healthy for their kids then there’s no wonder why we have so many obese children. Also parent’s busy lifestyles which often include commutes to and from work leave them too tired to prepare a well-balanced home-cooked meal. Often parents of obese children default to what is convenient for them like picking up something to eat otherwise known as “fast food” (Smith and Robinson). The Food and Drugs Administration, FDA. The FDA should improve the ingredients in certain foods. Why can’t the FDA just substitute sugars, and other addictive products in food? Well they could only if people were willing to grow their own food, harvest, and grind it, spend many hours cooking, canning and packing, or accept the increased risk of food spoilage. But most consumers today rely on the many technological, aesthetic and convent benefit the addictives provide. If the FDA was to take out the addictive preservatives that help slow down product spoilage cause by mold, air bacteria, fungi, or yeast then food would spoil before it reached its main destination (USA, FDA). The preservatives help control the contamination that can cause food borne/ virus illness. Also the
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