Essay on Childhood Obesity

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Causes, Dangers, and Answers to Childhood Obesity

Imagine you are at school and you do not go to the playground or participate in physical activities. The school does not feed you a healthy lunch and then you eat lots of junk food and sodas full of sugar while developing serious health problems. How would you feel when someone tells you that childhood obesity affects 31 percent of children in the United States? I am going to persuade you to believe there are dangers for children who are obese. Here I am going to explain to you about unhealthy fostering environments. There are many things we could list that makes an unhealthy environment such as we choose to drive instead of walking, we take elevators instead of stairs, there
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When children attend schools, there are vending machines filled with sugar snacks and beverages and physical activity is not required in the curriculum. School cafeterias do not serve healthier lunches either; my nephew told me that he had pizza and French fries for lunch one day. We give our children milk and cookies after they take a nap at school while not thinking of the consequences. According to the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found 40-50 percent of children who were overweight had tripled within two years (1). Many of these children are developing health risks that are normally associated with middle age people such as high blood pressure, stroke, breathing disorders, asthma, and diabetes at the young age of 4 (1). Just imagine discovering that your little one has diabetes and every day you have to give them a daily insulin injection and are you willing to live with that risk. These are some ways that would promote a healthy environment to protect our children from this disease. We should insist that the schools provide a healthy, consistent environment that encourages healthy eating behaviors such as adding more vegetables and less starches/desserts and requiring students to participate in regular physical activity throughout the day. Another step would be to removing snack machines that contain excessive sugary snacks so that they will choose healthier snacks. Parents should make exercise a family activity by tossing around a

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