Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity ENG 202 English Composition II Joan Martell Smith 7/3/2011 I. Introduction A. Thesis Statement Obesity can happen to anyone for many reasons and it can be reversed many different ways. There are several causes for obesity in America, including fast- food restaurants and their marketing, hereditary obesity, and people reacting to the stereotypes in the media that you must be beautiful to be accepted. A. Supporting Evidence More and more Americans are becoming obese every single day. “More than half of Americans are overweight, including 1 out of 5 children. Nearly one third are obese”. (Wooten) Childhood obesity is a serious and common…show more content…
The problem is contributing to the demise of health in America. B. Explanation With today’s busy society America’s growing fast food marketing Companies, people eat more fatty foods than ever before. Companies spend an estimated $10 billion dollars marketing food, Drinks, and meals to children and youth in 2004 (“ Fast food and Obesity” par.4 ). C. So What? As fast food companies grow, so does America’s rise in obesity. Fast food restaurants have more than doubled from 1972-1995 ( “Fast food… “ par. 5). Popularity contributes to a companies growth which shows that more and more people are eating unhealthy foods more often. An estimated 10% of America’s energy intake is from fast foods in 2004, opposed to 2% in the 1970’s ( “ Fast food…” par. 5). II. Body paragraph #3 – Topic Sentence #3 Obesity also consumes many teens. 21% of teens (12-19) are overweight In America (Frissel and Susan 10). A. Supporting Evidence The future of America is in the youth of our nation and if we continue To have a higher percent in obesity, our future seems dim. Average American teens spend 22 hours a week watching T.V. and playing video games (Frissel and Susan 10). B. Explanation Laziness contributes to obesity, with more distracting things to do then exercise and eat healthy, teens usually choose the lazy way of doing things which is eating junk food. C. So

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