Childhood Obesity

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As a child I rode the school bus to and from school with my best friend Nicole. She always sat in the seat across the aisle from me because I could not sit with her. Last month we flew to Vancouver. Nearly ten years later I was still unable to sit with my best friend. Nicole is 397 pounds and takes up two airplane seats. There is a new concern that arises daily regarding healthy lifestyle choices. The rates of hypertension, strokes, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have all increased. The increasing numbers of these chronic diseases closely correlate with increased rates of obesity. Every year this growing epidemic progressively victimizing society’s youngest people – our children. Obesity is currently one of the greatest concerns…show more content…
It is understood that not all children are overweight or obese. Parents of children that are of average weight argue that their child does not need to be physically active because they are not overweight. Physical activity is not targeted at individuals who are overweight; physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle. The Active Healthy Kids Canada 2009 Report Card states that only 13% of Canadian children are achieving the recommended 90 minutes of physical activity per day (qtd. in “Fighting,” par 13). Admittedly, some children have been blessed with favorable genetics; how frequently they participate in physical activity does not make a substantial difference in weight maintenance. Nonetheless, physical fitness provides children with more than just a healthy body weight. Researchers suggest that there are other valuable health benefits associated with physical activity: “reduced blood pressure[,] increased lean muscle mass, bone mineral density and aerobic capacity[,] and improved flexibility” (“Fighting,” par. 33). Critics of a mandatory daily physical education class policy contend that it is too expensive to have their children enrolled in a physical education class. Of course, a new pair of running shoes every year does add up. However, it does not compare to the expenses of extra curricular activities outside of school such as hockey. The

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