Childhood Obesity : Parents Change Their Own Habits

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Childhood obesity can only stop if parents change their own habits to promote a healthier lifestyle for their family. Parents don 't realize it, but they influence children majorly. If a parent is accustom to eating fastfood and snacking multiple times between meals, drinking soda all the time it becomes regular routine for them. Their child will began to learn that same exact routine. Those “couch potato” parents will usually watch television all day and lack exercise. Children see those things and tend to follow those steps. It is all they know because it was what they were shown and learned from whom their trust first sprouted, parents. Parents know what is bad for the body, but ignore it. Imagine if grease and sugar can damage an adult body, what it could do to a child’s body. Some excuses from parents are that they are busy and don 't have time to plan out an equally balance meal or it is “too pricey” to shop healthy. There are plenty go online recipes that ingredients are cheap and can even be made in large quantities to put up for another day. With that one recipe it can save money and time for the next day. What’s the excuse now? Parents do work to support their family,but there is always tie to squeeze in a 30 minute work-out. That’s all it takes. Parents should encourage that behavior on their children instead they don’t. There are activities at school like sports teams children can participate in and also playing more outside with their friends in the
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