Childhood Obesity Problem Essay

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“The current adult obesity rate in adults in 10.7%,”(Indiana State Obesity). Obesity is a problem with having too much food at our disposal. Childhood Obesity is eating way too much food as a child when your body can’t handle how much food you're putting in it. Obesity is a growing problem in our country and community because of what we eat and how little we exercise.

Childhood Obesity is sometimes caused by the output of advertisements for food but not only food but junk food. In our nation we have a rising rate of diabetes and obesity.“The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the average American ate almost 20% more calories in the year 2000 than they did in 1983, thanks, in part, to a boom in meat consumption,”(Obesity Prevention). And because of this people are gaining weight rapidly. “This means less exercise each day. According to one study, only 20% of today’s jobs require at least moderate physical activity, as opposed to 50% of jobs in 1960,”(Obesity Prevention). And because of us not exercising as much as we used to we are not burning off as many calories as we are taking in. Obesity is a growing problem along with Childhood obesity in our country with the growing amount of advertisements for junk food and big companies not offering very good or
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In most cases the person that has diabetes is either overweight or obese. “Current Obesity rate of 10-17 year olds in Indiana 14.3%,”(Indiana State Obesity). With young people becoming more and more prominently becoming obese they are at a higher chance of getting a lot of diseases than someone who becomes overweight or obese at a higher age. Obesity and childhood obesity is a growing problem locally because of all the unhealthy food options that we offer here locally and not enough of the right nutritious foods are put out there because people just want what they are used to and not try anything
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