Childhood Obesity : Problem With A Solution

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Childhood Obesity, Problem With a Solution According to the Institute of Medicine, every one in three children in the United States is either overweight or obese. That means one in three children in the United States is at an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health risks due to their weight. One in three children is being ridiculed on the playground. One in three children is struggling every day because of their weight. There is a growing obesity epidemic in children in the United States and it needs to be stopped, beginning with the parents. I will focus particularly in Texas, where obesity rates are extremely high. Governor Rick Perry is recorded saying, “Texas obesity rates are well above the national average, and the negative effects are spreading” (8 Childhood Obesity Prevention). Texas’ extreme obesity rates are not only affecting the health of its people, but also its economy. The state’s resources are at risk with the epidemic rates increasing, and without transformation, grave danger is ahead, so measures need to be taken to insure the health and economic stability of the state and this needs to begin with parents of obese children. Overall, childhood obesity is a form of parental neglect and the state of Texas should mandate and regulate obesity prevention. I will begin by addressing the problem and then present a solution to the problem. The problem itself is three-fold. First is the reality of the problem. Second exists the
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