Childhood Obesity Reduction Health Promotion Plan Essay

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Upon reviewing the community vitality data I came to the conclusion that the health problem that a health education program would be most appropriate to address would be childhood nutritional health and fitness. I came to this conclusion after careful data analysis. Of the county’s adults (18+) 77% ate less than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, this percentage is so high likely because of attitudes and habits these adults picked up when they were children. The second largest age demographic in the county is children aged 10 to 17 are overweight, six percent more than the state average, 88% of children age 10 to 17 are not meeting daily targets for fruit and vegetable consumption and 30% age 10 to 17 watch 3 or…show more content…
Childhood obesity is also an excellent predictor of adult health and is related to adult levels of blood pressure, insulin levels, and morbidity from coronary heart disease. Children who are overweight early in life also tend to become more obese as adults when compared to people who became obese after childhood (Freedman, 2001). In addition to the adverse health effects obese children are also more likely to face emotional and psychological problems because of social stigmas and discrimination they may face from their peers, and maybe even their own family. This can lead to a high occurrence of low self-esteem and depression in such children (Braet, 1997). The three main causes of childhood obesity are dietary, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics. Obesity can be combated and prevented by reducing time engaged in sedentary behaviors, such as watching television, meeting recommended nutrition standards, including eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and by engaging more frequently in physical activity (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003). The model this health promotion program will be based off of is the Social Marketing Assessment and Response Tool (SMART). The SMART model sets the consumer
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