Childhood Obesity : The Height Of Its Peak

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Childhood obesity in America is at the height of its peak. Actions should be taken to ensure that kids maintain a healthy weight to prevent them from developing health problems in the future. If a solution is not set into place, then this problem will only get worse and worse each and every year. The first solution I will suggest is that we bring back physical education within schools. The second solution I propose is that we regulate fast-food commercials on any form of media that children are able to see. The first solution that I introduced, which is bringing back physical education within the school system is better the better of the two options, because of the cost to implement it, the number of children served, and the effectiveness of this particular solution. The cost to bring back physical education within schools and regulate fast-food commercials vary. The cost to reestablish PE among schools is costlier according to Brian Dakss in Obesity Up Phys Ed Down. Dakss remarks that “To start a phys ed program costs a school approximately $500,000…” (Dakss 1). It costs half a million dollars to implement such a program among the school system. Schools are constantly facing budget cuts each year, but the health of children is just as important as the education they receive. On the contrary solution, regulating fast-food commercials will be a battle between the government and the company’s lawyers. In the article Protecting Young People From Junk Food Advertising:

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